Friday, June 03, 2016

Card for a friend

So I've made friends with a  guy from the office who has a couple of young kids.  One of his kids had a birthday recently and I drew a quick little card via Manga Studio... oh wait, it's called Clip Studio Paint now. So confusing.  Anyway, I had some fun with it.


Tom Moon said...

That's so nice. Bet he was delighted with it!

MrGoodson2 said...

I looked at it arge. Very nice digital inks. What is it with all the manga studio re branding. Doesn't seem smart. Stick with a name.

JMG said...

I have MS EX4 and MS 5.....I liked some functions in EX4 but they did away with those in 5. It was originally called ComicStudio in Japan....when it came to the US it was called Manga Studio and in Europe Clip Studio Paint. It's been so overhauled since 2013 that they have now lumped it all under the name Clip Studio Paint for all markets.

Surly Bird said...

Super-cool! My head would have exploded if I got that as a birthday card as a kid!

MrGoodson2 said...

Thanks for the German sketchbook purchase Rick. Internationally renown. What I've always wanted.

If I wasn't such a photoshop cultist I'd have manga studio up and running all the time.
Instead I'm about to make an action in photoshop that will make the pen tool do what manga studio does naturally.

One thing I like about being introduced to manga studio was all the great ideas they have for ease for formatting comics. I make a top layer of white panel gutters and then stroke it with black. Just leave that on top as you work under it.