Thursday, March 30, 2006

Tom Carroll has joined the Blogosphere!

He's already made a number of interesting posts... check it out!


Skribbl said...

Hey! That's great! But why hasn't he posted anything here??? Holdin' out eh?

We still love you Tom.

Great blog!

TomCarroll said...

Skribble ... the problem I have is that when I signed on to Tuesday Art Group's blog, I didn't know what I was doing ... I couldn't find a posting button on the page and didn't realize that you signed in on the blogspot site page and did a post from there. Now ... I hate to admit this ... I know I'm signed in for your blog as topcat, but I can't remember my user name or password to get into your blog ... how should I proceed. I have copied down the information that I used to create my own blog (and I actually have a page of sketchbook to post for TAG), so when you see this, post the answer or email it to and I'll correct the situation.

Man ... do I ever feel like a dino-luddite...