Tuesday, March 07, 2006


Hey Right Brain,
Think you might want to add some LEAN into a figure if you're trying to "convey" some motion?


Hopefully by the time you finish this sketchbook you'll have learned to use some of the simpliest techniques known to man since cave paintings.

Back off Left Brain - I can do without your noise. Go make a list or something! Pay our taxes while you're at it.

Lists? Oh goody - I'm going to start by writing your name down... on the naughty side!

Nooooo! Not that!


Skribbl said...

So this is a sketchbook with awesome drawings throughout??? Coolness! I wouldn't call it a "sketchbook" though. Maybe a "Illusbook" would be more appropriate!!

Also, how are you the master of changing the color of your text?? teach me oh html master!!!

Dok said...

Well I can only HOPE its gets filled up with at least half decent stuff anyway... Maybe I can find a buyer some day (after scanning a few pages for myself).

The line between sketch, concept and illustration is getting so smudged of late, by so many cool artists. Dunno where I fall. But I can't get up.

Ah the archane secret of font color! When you go to create a fresh post, you get that first window. Look to the left from the little picture button that you hit to start bringing your art in. There's a "T" with a tiny palette behind it. Just select what you've written and then choose your fontcolor by clicking on that Tiny T Palette.

But we can't affect the headline above the images, as far as I know.

rickart said...

Sexy drawing! And I don't just mean that it's a good looking woman, but there's something about the technique that is sensuous as well. She's dreamy, and she's hot and cold at the same time.

Mr Goodson said...

Good animation with the line of action through the whole sketch. The drapery is really cool to look at .. And I like the figure.