Friday, March 31, 2006

Yeah, like what Chino said!

Chino brought up an invitation in his most recent post - to call out to him anything that we see as being, in his words, "screwy". Love that word.

I so enjoy posting here (thanks Skribbl!) and it's rewarding when an occasional drawing hits home for any one of you. But since this blog is contributed to by my most respected colleagues, artists extraordinaire every one of you, I too would REALLLLY appreciate specific pointers. Gotta grow, gotta grow, gotta grow.

So please allow me to add my name to the list as seeking critiques of ANY kind a'tall. It was really helpful when Tom, for instance, found a recent sketch disturbing, as I had totally missed that! But then I saw it, especially when he pointed to the color scheme and quote context. "Oh yeaaaah!" said I.

More o' that please!

And I hope I'm not speaking out of turn, as this is not my blog - and not my intent to hijack it! I just see this as one of my best chances to get expert eyes to 'hep me improve. Even in simple sketches. Not just because some of them spark more finished work, but who doesn’t dig a simple sketch done juussst right!?


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rickart said...

Me, too! I'm happy to get any kind of feedback!