Tuesday, March 14, 2006


SHE has no mouth. No statement intended, just easier to draw that way.

I had to post this; it's just a funny page I did today, inspired in no small part by the COMIC tone pervading much of the TAG'ing I've been enjoying on this site. Working on anatomy again (I put up a couple pages on EUROCHINO), trying to keep the straight-ahead spontenaeity of ink, hoping it forces better intuitive anatomy/proportions. I like the doorbell ringing, wanted to show her holding a sack of groceries, but angle didn't cooperate. That's a jigsaw puzzle she's working on: I know, my "puzzle-pieces-in-perspective" skills need improvement.

SPEAKING OF COMICS: Tom Moon, what of Cosmic Theatre? And your vacation?

Also, DOK: what size tennis shoe does Anne wear?


Tom Moon said...

Hi Marty,

Great drawings as usual! I wish I were with you in France photographing and drawing all the sights. Don't think I don't occasionly consider saying to Patty, "Hey, let's both quit our jobs and move over there for a couple of years."

I want to someday go to that French Comicon that takes over the whole small town. Eric Shanower wrote about it in his column.

He says, "The world's largest comic book convention takes place annually in the town of Angouleme, France. This year, February 27-30, 2005, was the 32nd Festival International de la Bande Dessinee in Angouleme."

I e-mailed all the Cosmic Theatre pictures to your davischino@mac.com address. I didn't want to clog this blog with so many pictures.

Mr Goodson said...

What do you mean your puzzle pieces in perspective need work. They're great. You've done a character that with just one page we all want to know more about her. Very cool.

Skribbl said...

She wears brest protectors over her suit?? WOW! I knew Paris was the fashion capitol of the world but this?? Elle Est Sexy ! !

rickart said...

I like the mundane tasks that she chooses to perform in coustume.

The missing mouth is a little disturbing.

My only other comment is "Damn your good!"

Tom Moon said...

I just read the mouth as being covered by the mask, like Spider-Man's costume. The eyes are not drawn as though they are under a mask, but sometimes that's just the comic book convention. With Batman's mask, the eyeholes are not realistic. It's as though his mask around the eyes is painted on and so thin as to respond to every little squint and scowl. For the last movie they applied some kind of black eye makeup to Christian Bale's eyelids to achieve that look.

Tom Moon said...

P.S. I love her physique. No cheap and easy "Barbie Doll" solution to her body.

Dok said...

Can only add my "like they said" comment to what has gone before!

Great motion, great physique, GREAT line quality, great sense of character and wonderful composition to the page!