Thursday, March 09, 2006

The Temple of the Seven Golden Camels

I have a friend from Disney who just started his own blog called "The Temple of the Seven Golden Camels." (check his first post to see why he named it this). It's an instructional blog that leans toward storyboarding/drawing. I know you all know how to draw but it's good sometimes to refresh the old noodle.

  • Temple of the Seven Golden Camels

    Mr Goodson said...

    Jeff, great stuff. i've got this bookmarked. I sent the link around to our little anim group at work and Alex Topete knows him, called him Mark K. I guess a guy can still get the famous artist stuff on Ebay but i bet that caroonist part is hard to come by.

    Skribbl said...

    That's right Alex would know him! Yeah, why pay for it when it's up for free!!! Plus get feedback and discussion??? Fuggitabowdit!

    Dok said...

    This is the guy that did those Famous Artist binders?

    My Dad got a copy of those but didn't pursue them very far. I used to flip through the pages, but I was too young to really dig in.

    How I wish we hadn't thrown them out!

    Skribbl said...

    Hey Dok, no he's not "that" guy. He just has a copy and is dispensing the knowledge.

    So that's where you get your talent!!!

    Dok said...

    Ah! Thanks for the clarification.

    But no, my "talent" was gotten in the regular way, like a social disease. I must have touched something, and more importantly, something touched me.

    That's why they all say, "Dok? He's a little touched, if you know what I mean."