Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Ha ha ha! Thanks Dok! From now on I'm posting only in Orange!

So here are my Kaiju sketches so far... very rough, and I'm not happy with the robot at all. He's neither high tech nor retro, he's just boring. The guy on the left has some potential, though. You can still see the human stickman sketch inside these guys, so I'm concentrating making these guys true "suitmation" creatures.

Anyone seen Godzilla: Final Wars yet? Too much Matrix style action and not enough Kaiju action, but still a fun romp. They have just about every Toho monster in the thing, and even the American Godzilla, who Japanese Godzilla promptly mops the floor with.


Mr Goodson said...

Nice Rick. I think the "fit the man inside" idea is a good approach. Start with a Bridgeman Mannaquin and build out. I'm going to revise mine with that thinking. I like the one on the right with the gaping mouth and big fins

Mr Goodson said...

I have Godzilla Final Wars on DVD. It has some nice extras showing monster wirework. I enjoyed it quite a bit. Godzilla defines escapism for me.

Dok said...

I like 'em both! More please!

"Godzilla defines escapism" eh?

Never thought about it that way. But it makes perfect sense - the letting go of... everything, I guess. Just reveling in the campy absurdity.

Politics does that for me.

rickart said...

Yes, Kaiju is the ultimate child power fantasy... fight monsters, destroy everything in your path, you're bigger than everyone else so no one can tell you to "behave".

Yeah, it's just like politics... ;)

Actually, politics is more like the ultimate Horror movie!