Friday, March 03, 2006


Is it me, or does the main fellow in this drawing look a little like a certain Monsieur Skribbl?

These are French folks spied while sittin' in a cafĂ© drinkin' hot chocolate. Any resemblance to persons living and drawing is pure coinky-dink. Images were rearranged on page to protect the innocent—and make Skribbl more prominent.


rickart said...

He doesn't have that much hair anymore.

I can say that because I don't either!

Otherwise, yes, it appears that French cloning technology has advanced to an alarming stage. That they have started cloning the US's best artists means they are desperate to maintain themselves as the world's artistic superpower!

It's good that we have watchdogs like you, Chino, to keep our artistic security safe from foreign evildoers! God Bless America!

rickart said...

Oh, one more thing... your drawings have inspired me to get some ink for my own brush pen. Now that I have the ink and I'm using it again, I think I may need to replace the nib...

Dok said...

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Dok said...

Hey, people with any hair at all really don't HAVE hair problems.

Isn't that right Chino?

These are very elegant, as we've come to expect from you. I particularly like the guy putting on his coat - it gives great sense of familiarity for all us coat wearing folks.

And all the drapery works so well -weight and material are revealed by your line work.

Mr Goodson said...

I just commented on Tom's art that nobody likes to ink and you come along and show inking is fun. So, you're using those brushes that are like fountain pens? Plastic that you can squeeze?

Skribbl said...

Actually Marty that was no coincidence. I was in France walking by "Les Editeurs" and this 20 lb pidgeon was flying low and hit me right in the "Robinet et boules" (as the French would say) and that's the moment you caught me. It hurt like a "son de a le chien femelle!!!"

Fun brush action. You should try to dip your pen in the chocolate sometime and use that as ink. It makes your drawings tastier.