Sunday, March 26, 2006

Gaining Perspetive

I've never been able to execute a convincing perspective study. I've just never been able to do it. Figures in the foreground don't relate correctly to the figures in the background, the converging lines don't converge, etc.

But Friday at Le Louvre I felt inspired, and tackled this room with my ball-point pen; t'aint perfect, but if it is in fact successful, (and I submit it humbly to your collective gaze for appraisal and criticism), it is proof, perhaps, that if you wish hard enough and look at enough examples of people doing it correctly, you will eventually absorb the lessons of perspective--"wishfull osmosis" I'll call it. 37 years is all it takes to bear fruit this way, as opposed to a semester or hard two of study.

(An aside: I woke up singing a garbled version of Erasure's "Oh L'Amour," then turned on my internet radio station with the unreasonable hope that I'd hear this exact song--and thusly was I rewarded! That's reverse osmosis at work, I guess.)

This room at the Louvre, the Salle de Ménage, has the weird problem of the escalator pits; I got a little hasty in the execution of the foreground pit. But I haven't messed with anything in Photoshop, just scanned it in two parts and slapped it together.

We've had visitors and my commenting on this BLOG has suffered. Two weeks are all we have left before returning to the 'States, so I'm gonna' try to pack in as much drawing (and living) as I can!

(To continue the 80's music aside: I'm really hitting the drawing hard in these last two weeks--I don't want to wind up like the last song played, Tears for Fears "GOING FAR AND GETTING NOWHERE".)

p.s. In Europe they spring ahead the Daylight Saving's clock one week before the U.S. Does that make us 10 hours apart? It's 9:30 AM right now. Good night from my good morning.


Mr Goodson said...

Everybody click on the sketch to see it big. It improves when you click and get the larger version. The smaller version compresses up the hatching into moire patterns that are distracting, like the back of the guys head in the foreground. Plus the Detail on the statues are much cooler larger. Nice sillohuettes. As far as perspective it looks dead on. Rigourous attention to perspective can stultify (deprive of strength or efficiency)a drawing. You've got a good balance in this sketch

rickart said...

NO worries on being busy... I've been out of the loop, too. This week is calming down some, though, to I expect to be posting here and on my own blog.

You seem to be at home with what ever media you pick. Nice drawings as always. Do you have a yearly pass to all the museums or something?

I wish I was one of your visitors! To be back in France and visit with you! That's too much to ask for!

Dok said...

Marvelous job Chino! bringing the escalators in was genius. Nicely nicely.