Tuesday, March 07, 2006


Just thank God when they took you Snipe hunting that you didn't find one.


rickart said...

Rather great, I would say... this looks like something that Giant Robot would fight.

A mouth where the stomach ought to be is always a winner in my book!

Dok said...

Ha! My Dad took us all Snipe hunting up in Wisconsin once. This was after a big family reunion dinner where the adults went all Bacchus. There I was, flashlight in hand, poking through the underbrush, "Why can't you tell us what it LOOKS LIKE Dad?" Heh.

And now I know - thanks Ellis!

It's TWO monsters IN ONE!

If I cover the legs and belly with my hand, the upper part of the the monster works just fine. And same is true if I cover up the upper part. Maybe they seperate!

Mr Goodson said...

Dok, great idea. Two snakes and the belly monster in one big gooey seperation. Exactly the sort of wearying thing Godzilla is always dealing with when he tries to lay a straightforward ass whupping on other monsters.