Friday, March 24, 2006

The Mighty Tor!

Hey! Somebody uploaded my CalArts film to ifilm! I don't know if I should be angry or flattered. Oh well, I guess it's the only way this film will see the light of day.

If you didn't know, the voice of Tor is our own Ron Thompson. Dante Fuget is the Demon and Mary Claire is the Princess that is screaming her head off.

I cringe when I see the it. Yikes! This is considered therapy.


rickart said...

Excellent! You should be flattered. I had forgotten that you had based the little white kid on Joe... heh!

It's great to see Tor rise again!

Mr Goodson said...

It was great to see it again. Ron does a great job. I have no idea how to contact Ron. I wish there was a way to inform him of this site. There was a guy named Chris Fitch that probably stayed in touch with him.

The work on your film really was top notch Jeff. I love the parallaxey thing at the front and great acting in the demon face. I'd like to have it on the hard drive.

Dok said...

SO MUCH FUN! Great timing, humor and the resloution was just right.

And what a cast!

Hey Skribbl check your aol account for me?

Dok said...

Thanks Skribbl! looks like I'm in from home again home again.

rickart said...

Okay, so I've been sharing this around the office and it's a hit! Everyone loves it, especially our animators.

Our content lead was a film student in college, and after he saw this he was inspired enough to screen his student film for me... an evening of indie films! How much more east coast can you get?