Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Kaiju Contest Sketches

So here's my first sketchy ideas on my Kaiju entry. Just playing with the concept of a lobster/crayfish monster. I saw a shrimp at the Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach and I guess it subconsciously jumped on the page. A lot of the newer kaiju seem to be more outrageous and I prefer the simper "man in suit" concept. It seems truer to the genre. After all it's going to be wrestling with Godzilla after all right?? On a side note, I've seen Krayonzillas massive vinyl kaiju collection and it's cool how they sculpt the folds and seams into the figure itself! Awesome detail!!


Dok said...

Nice one Skribl!

Like that you're keeping in the style of the genre - true to its roots.

The grey/green version is my favorite. But the think I like about the one that's pure B+W line is the girth of the chest. I think of crayfish and other anthrods as having that big middle section. When it gets really thin I think of sinewy shapes, as you have it flying. So I guess it works either way.

Like also the idea of the beam!

rickart said...

I like the flying attack best. He's sort of a Gamera type monster, I think... only cooler.

Mr Goodson said...

I dig the proportions Skrbbl. Hey, I probably scared Mary_Claire. I was leaving work at the Hughes center and I see this license tag on a Red MiniCooper that says SKRBBL. I honked and got out my truck and waved. Then when i passed the MiniCooper on the way to the light, surprise, it's not you.

Your monster is great. I like the shapes. The Claws going to the ground. I can see the guy sweltering inside whipping the claws around in windmill fashion.

Davis Chino said...

THIS IS SO DAMN ULTRAMAN! I'm ready to sit down with an after-school bowl of Cocoa Puffs and trip out on this guy's antics.

GREE-GONK indeed!

And roadside Ellis scaring your wife is a sort of Kaiju moment all its own, isn't it?

Next license plate: "GREEGNK."