Friday, March 03, 2006

Prado to draw


Skribbl said...

Cool Mike! Whos is Prado?? I've seen this character/and or style before. Totally differents style for you (at least from what I remember!!)

rickart said...

Nice work, Pod! Your drawings are as smooth as you are.

How's the windy city?

SkinFlynt said...

Very nice Mike. I dig the draftsmanship on the collar and coat. The curvey spaces in the hat. Great face. It all hangs on the red nose

Dok said...

Extremely well done Pod!

Was it an original pen and watercolor or is it competely digital?

Hard to tell because when I click on it I only get the same size image (hint-hint select "large" when formatting your image's post hint-hint).

Very cool display of character in that face!