Friday, March 03, 2006

Negadon Attacks and Bonus Kaiju Contest!!!

  • Negadon Attacks!

  • Here's the contest info:
  • Kaiju A Go Go Contest!

  • I'm going to enter. I know Rickart will be up for this (and Krayonzilla if he ever posts something :-P). Hey Let's do it as a group and enter in memory of Rick Johnson! Whaddya say???


    rickart said...

    You can bet I'm all over that!

    Skrib, do you have an email address that you check more often that your AOL one? Either you are ignoring me or you check it once a month! I've got a Kaiju story I'd like to send you way, but I don't even know if you will get it.

    SkinFlynt said...

    You bet your ass! I'm all over this! What's a kaiju?

    Mr Goodson said...

    Giant Monster! I looked it up. Now I'm really excited.

    Skribbl said...

    Rickart: Huh? Did you say something.....:-P

    Sorry I don't check AOL that ofent tis true.

    I'll send you my work address!

    So yeah the winner(s) will get their images on the DVD!! Although you do have to give up all rights in the known universe. But hold on to those "unknown universe" rights though!!!

    Mr Goodson said...

    That little short film is going to be awesome. NEGADON! It make make more money that some feature realeases.