Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Long time no seee

I feel terrible popping in after being gone so long. I need to go back and look at all the posts I've missed. I am so glad to see you all being as talented and prolific as usual!

I dunno how long ago it was -- way far back, when I posted a quick sketch of a couple dancing from the book I was writing -- KITCHEN DANCE. Here it is all finished, on the cover of the Clarion/Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Fall '08 Catalogue. (The book isn't actually out until October.) Now I'm working on a second book for Clarion which is going to be sort of like a 32 page graphic novel for preschoolers. Will probably be asking for all your expert comics advice on that.

I see there's been some Cintiq talk -- I got mine in January and am loving it. I don't know if I'd honestly say I draw better, or draw more quickly, or that the ergonomics are better than the Wacom tablet, but in addition to the thrill of drawing directly on the screen, it makes an excellent primary monitor. (You can see my setup on my blog: http://www.thedigitalpencil.blogspot.com/ )



rickart said...

Hey hey! It's awesome to see you here! We really need to get together! Shoot me an email (rick@rickschmitz.com) with your phone number and let's arrange something soon!

I remember your dancing drawings... I look forward to seeing your latest book! Tommy is quite the little reader now, so it will be great to share anything you make with him.

I've got a tablet PC and although the screen isn't 21 inches, I'm pretty happy with my new setup, too.

Welcome back! Don't be a stranger! And don't let Marty hog all the space on the Blog! ;)

Mr Goodson said...

The book looks beautiful. I'll get a copy.

I have the small cintiq and really like it.

I'll post a photo of my set up tomorrow.

Good to hear from you. Post some pages from the book.

Tom Moon said...

Hi Maurie, agree with Ellis and Rick. Your new book looks marvelous. Welcome back and stay in touch! More posts!

Jeff said...

Yay! Maurie is back!! Hey I forgot to tell you we were in SF Easter weekend. We're planning to go back next Easter so we should figure something out. And D'oh! I just remembered that we were at Pixar too!! Don't you live nearby?? Sorry!!

Jeff said...

Oh and the book looks great! We will pick up a copy too! Our kids are the perfect age!

MJM said...

Aw Jeff! Yeah, I'm a just a healthy stroll from Pixar and I've been dying to see you and Mary Claire and the kids. Diane and John were up here from Irvine this week too, seems everything happens so spur of the moment there's no time to make careful plans.

Rick, how's the commuting going? We should get together in the east bay soon.

rickart said...

The commute is great... we ended up not buying... we are renting in Redwood City and loving life on the Peninsula. I work in San Mateo, so it's just a short drive to work.