Friday, April 18, 2008

Have a Balloon

The scanner has been idle of late

Can you name the actor with the 300 obscured face .

I think the movie is called BREAKIN'


Tom Moon said...

The balloon drawing is especially intriguing to me. The color possibilities are exciting. I'd like to see you take that one to finish.

rickart said...

Me too... the leaves at the clown's feet give this a "Something Wicked This Way Comes" sort of feeling.

rickart said...

Hmmmm... Scott?

I cheated and looked it up. He's got the moves on the dance floor and the in the ring!

Tom Moon said...

The way the pectorals insert into the humerus underneath the front delts reminds me a little bit of the way Jean-Claude Van Damme is built, but I can't be sure.

Mr Goodson said...

Thanks guys.(for the art comments) You win Tom. Yes, the pectoral insert into the humerus is like fingerprints.

Davis Chino said...


Ellis, you're not giving us your full love. I want more. You mustn't hide behind YouTube footage.

Speed Racer opening weekend is the perfect excuse for another LA TAG GANG get-together. Jeff and Ell, are you guys for it? Tom, Tom, Dok, Scott, can you guys make it?

Go Speed, go!

Tom Moon said...

Sorry, won't be able to attend. We will be out of town this weekend.

Mr Goodson said...

Drive all the way up from San Diego to LA to see Speed Racer? Man, I live here and I may be a hard sell for getting out to see it.

It's supposedly fun.