Wednesday, April 02, 2008


Went to the "new" LACMA yesterday. Bastards still haven't rehung their best painting, (it's my favorite of theirs, anyway). Even more infuriating, all their cool 19th Century big outdoor sculpture is in storage. In my outrage I can only sputter, "LACMA, you suck."

But I did some inks of their little Rodins.


rickart said...

Their little Rodins are wonderful.

I will take the bait... what is your fav painting there

Mr Goodson said...

is it a Sargent?

Davis Chino said...


Rick, I'm glad you bit!

El, good guess, but no, it's not a Sarge--tho' LACMA's major Sargent canvas is..."Portrait of Mrs. Davis and her son Livingston"(!).

I'll track an image down of my fav and make a post--SINCE YOU ASKED!

Tom Moon said...

Beautiful brushwork Marty. It doesn't look like you even blue pencil a sketch before attacking with your bold inks. Or else the scanning process is obscuring your sketch lines, but I'll bet not.