Monday, April 21, 2008

New "Pie in the Sky" video (for competition)


As many of you know I am learning After Effects and seeking out contests that give me deadlines for creating small movies … The latest of these movies is now entered in the “Obama in 30 Seconds” ad competition sponsored by

The first round of voting began today. One set of five finalists will be selected based on total number of unique hits (views); another by tabulating the ten highest ratings. The ads are all 26 seconds in length (leaving four seconds at the end for a disclaimer).
My entry is called “Pie In The Sky” and it can be found here: PIE IN THE SKY. It stars a pie, and that alone should be why you click on it to view it. I'm going to guarantee that no one else's ad has a pie in it. Neener neener.

When you follow the above link and watch "Pie in the Sky," it will count toward the total viewers for the ad only if you enter your email address; this prevents fraud and makes sure that one person isn’t just hitting refresh over and over. The site will send a confirmation email to your email addy to close the loop. It’s all fairly standard stuff.

Of course, while I’d like you to simply watch my ad and revel in its elegant simplicity and “from left field” humor (did I mention it has a pie in it?), you’re also welcome you to check out other people’s ads … by going here.

Email me at tcarroll at if you have questions. Voting will continue until 11:59 p.m. PDT on Sunday, April 27. Have fun!!


Tom Carroll said...

Thanks, Tom!! I didn't leave a note on your own creative efforts, but I truly love the pages you've done. I admire the visual style and the appropriately spare words that run through them. As you've encouraged me, so I do you!!

rickart said...

Yeah, nice work... I like the simple idea and I always like a visual pun! Well realized, too.

Tom Moon said...

I like your Obama short movie Tom. I also check out your comic strip on a regular basis. Your ongoing creative output is admirable. Keep it up!

Mr Goodson said...

Just think how much work Terry Gilliam probably had to do to get the same effect. Very good Tom.
I hope you get noticed and tapped to do more

Tom Carroll said...

Yes ... I think Gilliam was very near when I thought of putting that pie in the sky ... and you're right ... Gilliam would have killed for the software I'm using (or even just a PC ...).

Davis Chino said...

Dig it--or should I say, I dug it! The text is esp. good, though I'm worried yr ad will just add more fuel to the anti-Obama crowd's whole "Obama-will-attack-Washington-DC-with-a giant-flying-pie-if-elected" hysteria.

Be warned: they'll stop at nothing to win, my friend.