Tuesday, April 08, 2008

In Progress

You may remember the earlier thumbnails I did of this scenario. It would go a lot quicker if I did a finish pencil and then did a painting . But I'm enjoying the cintiq It will eventually be full color. Maybe not for a few days.

Next weekend is for flash so I want to finish this before then.

Marty sent some GREAT notes to me. making points I had made just a week before about the ideal perspective to INVOLVE the viewer. Nice improved posing. Marty hasd truly gone to Frazetta school


Davis Chino said...

Ellis, awesome. You are the Cintiq-i-est!

Is the scale thing funny on the Cintiq? I mean, finding the "scale" of your piece in the computer, the size of the strokes, etc? Do you just decide you are going to scale up the original thumbnail by 150% or so, and then go for it?

I want to see the finish.

Mr Goodson said...

Great notes Marty. I'm making this the centerpiece in my class tomorrow.

rickart said...

Yes, great work both of you! I like your ideas, Marty, especially the twist in the body of the girl and the guy coming down on top of the head of the croc.

Davis Chino said...

El, I'm glad I was any sort of help--it's a lot easier to give advice on someone else's work than self-critique. I always prove to have particularly big blind spots on my own stuff. A year after painting/sculpting it, I am suddenly filled with great insight into what would have made my piece 10 TIMES BETTER.


How great is this TAG board (thanks, Jeff!!) if we can help save each other the pain of that year-later "D'oh!" moment!

Davis Chino said...

...And Rick, regarding the girl's twist: I modeled for it myself (note coquettish curve of my belly).

Tom Moon said...

Great painting Ellis, and I agree that Marty seems to be able to channel Frazetta quite well when he wants to, all the while maintaining that uniquely "Marty" quality in his work.