Thursday, April 03, 2008

First Cintiq Doodle

Nothing much. Went through the usual amount of weird tech ignorant turmoil to get it to work.

But then when it worked, I really liked it.

It's about half again bigger widthwize than an etch a sketch.

I'm going to do something that starts as a nice pencil sketch.

It's gonna be a fun weekend.

Alos need to check how it behaves with Flash.


Mr Goodson said...

I'll give some pro and cons here later. most of the con will relate to the mac I'm using. The cintiq is the ONLY monitor the mac will handle while in use. PCs are better at spltting. Also has cable management issues out the wazoo. BUT, it's a dandy, comfortable draw and paint tool. I don't regret the purchase.

Tom Carroll said...

cool on that, Ellis. I have tablet envy ...

rickart said...

Looking good so far! I can't wait to see what else you do with it!

I've started drawing with Flash and I'm enjoying it quite a bit... I'm hoping to tinker with it more over the weekend and I will have something to share here next week.

Davis Chino said...

Go, El, go!

Do I know your portrait subject?

Jeff said...

I think it's Ellis' remembrance of when Krayonzilla slept over at his place during the Con. I think it was in the late 80's.