Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Giant Swede Bowler

Click title to see my new exercise invention.
Bicycle pedals welded onto channel iron that I then attach to my pull up apparatus


Tom Moon said...

Is it sort of like one of those elliptical walkers? You hang onto the pullup bars above and pedal standing up?

And how are you supposed to make use of that punching bag when it's attached so close to the rest of your equipment? You'd bang your shin against something metal or concrete everytime you tried to move around it.

I think you need to post a homemade video of you demonstrating the use of your equipment.

Mr Goodson said...

Tom, I'd probably become the next star wars kid if I did that workout, so I'm tempted.

I'm going to replace that bag with one of those focus balls and attach it toward the front of the framework.

The pedals are a great workout. Just hanging on the handles gives a back and shoulder work out and the pedals seem easy at first until about 30 seconds into it.

I can also adjust their height just by pulling the pin on where I have the channel iron drilled through.

rickart said...

You need to get a video of Christy Brinkley working out on it!

Mr Goodson said...

Rick, I wish. She's an uptown girl. I'm a downtown man.

Davis Chino said...

How come the word "contraption" always hovers so closely to any mechanical endeavor you undertake, Ellis? A YouTube video demonstration is imperative. Your fans demand it!

And El, I like your new Blogger Photo!