Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Side trip

First of all, thanks Tom for the visit with the SOE folks and to you and Rich for joining Tommy, Belinda and I for dinner!
Secondly, I want to let you guys know that we missed our bus for house building, so to console ourselves we spent some time at the “Disney Resort”. While at California Adventures I saw a display of Disney concept art… at the bottom of the display is a guide of who created what drawings… and guess who I see there! I snapped these pictures of Jeff’s immortalization and I also saw one drawn by his buddy Ricky, which I have included here as well.


Tom Moon said...

It was good to see you and the kids Rick. Thanks for stopping by. Too bad about your house-building trip.

Mr Goodson said...

Thanks for the shots. More detail. What are they, cackpainted cells?

Sorry you missed your house building exprience.

Is that very productive/ Do you get a really good foreman that knows how to parcel out the work where something gets done?

Mr Goodson said...

Backpainted cells, not cackpainted

rickart said...

What you see here are small copies larger drawings that were on display... they look to me like small acetate prints. They were behind glass, so I didn't use a flash, hence the poor picture quality.

Jeff said...

wow crazy! I didn't even know those were down there!! Thanks for posting those!!