Tuesday, April 08, 2008


Begging the Blog's kind indulgence....

Yesterday in a comment on this blog I invited Tom to visit Ellis and Jeff and I in LA; the incentive I offered (beyond TAG'ish camaraderie) was "WAFFLES AND GUM."

This threw Tom a little. He wrote back, "Waffles and gum?"

But I thought it was funny. Blair came in and I told her.

She was perplexed, too.

When she asked this, her tone of complete bewilderment combined with the image of Tom's terse post and let me see, with fresh eyes, how stupid the phrase "WAFFLES AND GUM" is. I lost it, and for the first time in my life, spit water on not just my keyboard, but my entire laptop. HALF a mouthful was spewed before I could stanch the flow.

I didn't WANT to spit water all over my computer, so I tried to hold in what water was left. But I was still in the grip of hilarity. Racked by convulsions of mirth, the half-a-mouthful of water got sucked down my windpipe.

I was coughing and spluttering like a drowning man. Blair caught my laptop as I seizured myself off the couch. In a few minutes I'd coughed it all out, and, thankfully, there was no (serious) harm done (to my person or my lappy). But I haven't had that happen since I was a wee lad....

Nearly drowned by WAFFLES AND GUM. Click on Title header to this post for link. Sorry MJM, didn't mean to push you down from the top of the page.

Tom, the offer still stands.


rickart said...

Ha! This is great! I like the "Gack!" drawing in particular.

I think waffles and gum sounds really gross, myself.

rickart said...

Hey, I just checked out the link... it think I've seen that place on the Food Network! Looks good to me!

Man, I wish the Bay Area was a bit closer to yous guys!

Mr Goodson said...

Very funny!

Someone can shoot you an expression that destroys.

I like the doonesbury repeat of graphic with new caption. You're on you r way to syndication.

Waffles and Gum. Waffles is the cat. Gum is the dog.

Tom Moon said...

Wow! This is the most art I've seen on the TAG blog at one time in YEARS! It's beautiful! And the funny thing is I was just ready to post a few drawings myself. But now I'm going to wait so everyone can have a few days to enjoy all these great entries.

And I thought "Waffles and Gum" was a great line! Funny and poetic at the same time. Not only do I love your cartoon of Blair, I love Blair for being puzzled and making you laugh so hard.

Tom Moon said...

Oh, and great sequence of drawings Marty. Seriously, you have a terrific feel for panel to panel storytelling, even making such a mundane incident funny and compelling!

weezie said...

Roscoes! Yum!

Rickart, there's a place in Oakland which serves waffles and fried chicken. If you go during daylight hours, there's a good chance you won't be shot!

Great drawings Marty! Awesome spit take.

rickart said...

Yeah, I have something new to share as well, but I didn't want to push Maurie and Marty down the blog.

Sounds good to me! Perhaps that will be a good place to visit with Maurie... she's an East Bay person.

Spit takes are always good for a laugh, but I'm glad that both you and your "lappy" are okay.

Tom Carroll said...

I'm going to share Waffles and Gum with my kids (and spouse) tonight ... Actually, it sounds like a band's name ... "And now, put your hands together for ... Waffles & Gum!" Of course, it'd be bubblegum pop ... tee hee.

rickart said...

How about "Gums and Roses"?

MJM said...

Great sketches, Marty. And Waffles and Gum sounds like a good name for a TAG band. Anyone play the tamborine?

And yes, I'm within a few blocks of Oakland, come see me -- you bring the sketchbooks and I'll hire the security detail!

Davis Chino said...

Glad you guys got a laugh from these. Rick, (and all you NoCal folks--Weezie, this means you, too!), it would be great if we were all a little closer--but that's what makes the blog special. It'll be fun when we all get together at the Con this year...and WonderCon next year.

And hey! Don't anybody refrain from posting--I felt self-conscious because this post was physically long--but I think it's great when we get a mess of new posts. A big reason I've started posting again is to goad everyone else into posting; I always want to see more work from everyone else. I'm just greedy like that. So come on Tom Moon--give!!

p.s. Waffles and Gum: not to be eaten simultaneously.

Jeff said...

LOL! I wish I had your reaction on tape. "Waffles and Gum" hmmm sounds like the title of a new TAG jam!!

Tom Moon said...

Can't post yet! Your cartoons are still getting comments. Need to run your number of comments up into the twenties or thirties first. Rick's post only pushed his own pirate ape off the page so that was fair.

Tom Moon said...

Oh, and I made Patty read your post. I gave her the backstory first about how you originally said we should all go get "waffles and gum" and of course she looked at me and said, "Waffles and gum?"

Then she read your cartoons and laughed out loud. She loved your drawings of Blair.