Wednesday, April 23, 2008

pRince Valiant


Davis Chino said...

ELLIS! Hey, these are great. Thanks for posting 'em. These are Hal Foster, right? Man, that complicated rendering of ship board perspectives is impressive--it makes my knuckles twitch.

silleryan said...

uncle e. pretty damn cool. haven t talked to you in a long time. i m using my new black jack 2 to do all this blogging and web surfing (definately a toy every growing boy needs). drop me a line sometime. great stuff by the way. your nephew -ryan

Mr Goodson said...

Ryan, I checked out that Black Jack. Pretty damn cool. Costs nothing I guess if you sign up for the contract phone service. Or at least about a 250 dollar discount off 290. I need a new phone. Maybe I'll step off for that one. Mom said you were very happy with yours. GPS, TV stations, Internet. Text. Better than a Star Trek communicator. Got your email from your profile and your phone number from your Grandmother.
I'll drop you a line.