Monday, April 07, 2008

Scrap from Sony Story table

A mound of scrap paper doodles from story discussion round table.

This is just one of the many.

Jeff presiding.

Thanks for the hosting me and Marty, Jeff.


Tom Moon said...

What does that mean Jeff hosted you and Marty. Did you and Marty get to sit in on a story discussion???!!! You lucky guys!!!

Davis Chino said...

Sorry, Tom, no honest-to-goodness Sony story meetings for us, though we did hold one of our own.

Jeff thought he was experiencing the real thang, too, esp. when Ellis went into a rage, dismissed our ideas, and fired all of us.

Mr Goodson said...

I had my heart broke once again when I piped in with one little, very cogent idea, about Jeff's short and these two management types dissolved in laughter at the imbicility of it. Sigh.

Tom Moon said...

It wasn't "laser puppets" again, was it Ellis?

Mr Goodson said...

Yes, but it was laser pups this time. Jeff's short involves dogs.

Jeff said...

I was sharing work on a sequence and this drawing is what you get when fellow story artists walk by. My parter's name is Chris Mitchell and he worked on Sponge Bob, Samaurai Jack and the Ren and Stimpy. He's into Kaiju and everything Japanese like Krayonzilla. Funny guy. Jim met him at the last Comic Con.