Thursday, April 03, 2008

Playing With After Effects on 30 Second Genius Rocket Spot ...

Well, you'll either love this or hate it ...


My friend Frank Silas pointed me toward this Genius Rocket site that has contests on behalf of sponsoring companies and organizations to create content. Frank said I might find a home for some of my political songwriting on one of the contests for a site called Lunatics & Liars. They're sponsoring a $10K video contest.

I was learning After Effects at home anyway, so I cut down my song "Bake Sale" to just the last verse and put together a humorous video to run with it. 30 seconds, one video, done in a day or so, and it turned out okay. And it running well on the site, too.

So, if you're a bit Bush/McCain backer and can't laugh a little, then don't click ...

Anyone else, comments welcome.

Tom Carroll

PS: I'll post a piece of original artwork / drawing tomorrow.


Davis Chino said...

Tom! The clip is great! Very funny, and I really liked the clarity of presentation (not easy when you just get that tiny window). All of your images were very legible. I esp. liked the Pelosi.

And a funny ditty, too.

Hey, I checked out your strips--it looks like it is really coming along. Amazing amount of work you've put in to get a strip out every day (almost?). The cast is beginning to take shape in my mind as a reader. Looks promising. Good on ye.

Mr Goodson said...

after effects is power!

This made me look at the price of the program.

With my Otis discount, about 400 bucks.

Have to counter all the tech savvy liberals.

Then propose to Michelle Malkin.

Tom Carroll said...

After Effects is power. You're so right. It is my favorite program and so easy to do lip syncing in (there's a fabuloso demo on Creative Cow. Here is the link: it's dirt simple!!!

It's a downloadable podcast, and so simple that I can follow it! It's going to make facial animation completely do-able (and my next project, btw).