Friday, June 23, 2006

Waiting for Supervision

Doodle while UV mapping


TomCarroll said...

I love this guy! Crazy proportions, but very fun! BTW: I posted the flier for the Gnomon Workshop LIVE weekend that I'm skiving off to take part in. The e-flier is on my "Pitch, Scribble, and Rant" blog.

Reports will follow next week, as well as new artwork generated in the relative quiet of an after hours hotel room ... ;-)

Tom Moon said...

Who is waiting for supervision? The character in your drawing, or you?

That's such a great little doodle.

As Tom C. pointed out a while back, I love the way you guys play with your shapes.

I feel that I learn an awful lot from just hanging out with everbody online.

Mr Goodson said...

Tom Moon, I was waiting for supervision. I had to know if my model was good enough to give to the rigger. Mike Dietz, the guy that got me the job I have, just quit and left quite a vacuum. Anyone know someone qualified to head up a character modeling and animation department doing Pixar license products?

Davis Chino said...

ELLIS!! Do I have to refer you to what Mike hisself said?! About yr employ, I mean?!

Power vacuums are a good thing. All that confusion and anxiety--you'll look back and see how creative it made you.

In the meantime, your off-balance body-builder may be a metaphor for your Dept.

Is UV mapping something to do with sun-tanning?