Wednesday, June 14, 2006



Another in that story series.

Pencil, pen, wash and pshop.

It's all about the illusion of...


Mr Goodson said...

Looks like CHAOS ala Elric of Melnibone, overrunning a guard post. Nice fantasy illo.

Tom Moon said...

What a beautiful wash effect! How do you get such variety in it? I've found that quality of paper has a lot to do with controlling watercolor, but was this just done on inexpensive notepad paper?

Tom Moon said...

p.s. I like the theme of your drawing.

Dok said...

Ellis and Tom -

Thanks much for kind words!

I hadn't seen the Elric Chaos thing, but as a fan of that, I can sure see it now.

The wash effect is about 10 minutes in pshop. Look under Filter/Render for Difference Clouds. It uses whatever two colors are in your palette at the time. I used three of these in differnt layers w/ some different layer props and a couple masks. Like I said - very fast.

Quick placeholder but the bkgnd effect seems a little discordant w/ the style of the tower. If I were to take it farther that'd have to be fixed. Probably start w/ the background way lighter and more transparent.

rickart said...

Love it! Peaking out from an unnatural fog like that is terrific.