Tuesday, October 07, 2014

Yin and Yang- Bad with the Good

Went to my first life drawing class in some time. I'll probably go back for the once a month happening from now on. Had a very rough time the first hour. Warmed up and got this sketch.


Davis Chino said...

Love it!

I really like her features and expression...believable that she's focused on something. And there's something very cool about the rectangular cast shadow (?) on the front of her dress...or maybe it's an apron? The way you fade the edges...probably comes from yr urgency to get in as much of the figure as possible--but it reads with a subtle veracity that's tuff to capture. Nice!!

Tom Moon said...

It's beautiful Ellis. I think you should play more with leaving your comic book drawings uninked to preserve all the pencil's subtleties. Just use Photoshop to clean up and play with contrast and color!

MrGoodson2 said...

I think you're right Tom. I am going back to Inktober today in a big way. But pencil is my comic book future.

Thanks Marty. It's tough to sit there and absolutely suck for an entire hour. I need to do studies off the computer or TV and keep my eyes and hand trained. A lot of it is scale. I was trying to draw big skulls and couldn't. Every skull I had drawn for 6 months was no bigger than a quarter. Now I was drawing saucer plates. It wouldn't click.

BDMontag said...

Do you find you're the only one using pencil? In the life drawing I go to, no one uses straight graphite. I've stopped and am moving to watercolor.

MrGoodson2 said...

It's not really a pencil for the life drawing. It's ritmo charcoal. The ones I have left from cal institute.
I try to "paint" with them where possible. I never was great at the look of the Glen Orbik ideal sketch on newsprint. But that's always the goal.

Perfectly legit to do watercolor. I was around people doing oils, watercolor. No set way to do anything. The bad thing for someone that wanted to go storyboard or animator style, with lots of drawthrough and gesture- it was two long poses in the two hours. So it was long study technique one way or tthe other. Of course I took so many satbs at the first one, it didn't matter that it was a long pose.
I dealt with the frusttration of that first hour by doing some post op on the drawing in photoshop.

MrGoodson2 said...

What the room looked like the night I was drawing. Interesting. I noticed another youtube video in my collection. Mentioning an art trip to the fiargrounds. Sure enough, a life drawing session, my last, almost exactly a year ago. No wonder I can't draw. Extreme atrophy.