Thursday, January 19, 2006


So I also have a personal blog and it' s only a week old. I added a link to the right there. See? In the links section?? See? See?

It was spun off of another blog started by a couple of guys at work . See StoryBoredom on the right? See? See?

I started doing a daily strip (which is explained in both blogs) to get me drawing again. And it's working. I really look forward to doing it and it only takes a 20-30 minutes to draw and upload. Lots of fun and not alot of mental anguish time. You know, that little voice in your head that tells you that it's not good and to start over??

Click on over and tell me what you think??


Tom Moon said...

Where to post, where to post? O.K., here!

Skribbl, I love your new blog. That square brain in the robot is genius. Remind me to rip it off someday. I knew joining you guys was the right thing to do. I'm getting more and more inspired.

Now, where is it you work and what is your job, Skribbl? Last I remember you were a designer of monsters at Disney or something like that. Are you still there?

Skribbl said...

Hey Tom, Thanks! I left Disney about a year ago and now I'm at Sony Pictures Animation. Part of the family actually. Joe Shoopack was up here on Wednesday but I was out sick. My duties up here are now storyboard supervisor on "Surf's Up" a CG animated documentary about surfing penguins. Glad you like the other blog and feel free to comment there too!

rickart said...

You aready know that I think that Robotop!a is awesome... what could be better than robots?

Giant Robots of course!