Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Let's Get Shaking!

Hey you guys, we need some activity here! (I'm just recovering from that lovely California flu and finally have some energy back.) Who all have you invited? Do we need to send them personal nags? What about a Tuesday "assignment"? (Here's a sketch from my latest book "Getting to Know Ruben Plotnick")

I just noticed that for some reason my BookArtists info is showing up in my profile.


Skribbl said...

I agree Maurie. What if we all post drawrings on Tuesdays??? Sounds good to me! GO! (oh you already did)

rickart said...

Skrib, I gave you all the email addresses I have... did you contact those guys or did you think I was doing it?

MJM said...

Did you guys get Diane? Anyone heard from Megan? How about Shoopack, I think he did show up a couple of times to TAG (and he's in the group shot!)

Skribbl said...

Yeah I did invite the first set of e-mails you sent me Rickart, and also diane's too! They haven't responded. I did however get a call out of the blue from a special pod person though. And he gave me a few others so expect some more guests soon!!

Mr Goodson said...

Hi Maurie. Nice sketch. Good idea about a Tueday discipline of new sketches.

Dok said...


Not sure if you'll remember me - I was at a few tags there in the hopes of learning stuff from Brent Anderson's lectures.

Anyway I just wanted to compliment you on this sketch. I keep coming back to it in admiration. Just lovely.