Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Pixar at MoMA

Over the holiday break, I went to see the Pixar art show at MoMA in NYC... very cool! There were lots of sculptures and concept drawings, story boards and "colorscripts".


Skribbl said...

Cool Rick! I wish I could go and see the magic! Do you know if it's going to travel to LA?? What did you think about the zoetrope???

I have friends who've blogged about being there also:



rickart said...

The zoetrope was way cool... the kids really got into it, of course. The best thing, though, was in the same room... it was a huge screen event, a video of the art posted on a board... then the camera would zoom in and out of the images and the images became full environments. It's hard to describe, but great to see. I suspect that it will turn up as an extra on one of their DVDs in the future.