Friday, January 27, 2006

The first Jam!

Okay, here's the Rules: Who ever wants to contribute to the drawing next needs to say so on the comment page of this post. Then that person saves this picture on their hard drive, makes their contribution and then makes a new post and uploads the new image. Then the next person comments on that post and so on. Do not post a "dibs" comment unless you have the time to do it immediately, so as to not make someone else wait around till you get to it. If you don't have the means to draw directly into the image from your computer, print out the drawing, draw on it and scan it back in. Sound good?
Have at it!

Ellis Here. I broke the rules. I just dropped my art in with no check out. I was just ready to go. I can see problems with doing that but hopefully i get away with it this time.


rickart said...

Well done, Ellis! I wasn't sure if we could update a post once it was up... very cool!


rickart said...

I see we have another member on board... Glad to see you, DMD! Say hi to DHS for me!

Mr Goodson said...

Rick, I just grabbed your image, drew on it, renamed it and did the upload. But it also requires deleting your original html for the new picture. Should be an easy enough thing for anybody to do. Check the link to my other Blog if you want to see me with my hair bleached white. Pretty far out for me.

Mr Goodson said...

Hey, I'm bad with intials. Is DMD2000 Diane?

rickart said...

Nope, Deane.

The hair is awesome! Rutger Hauer was the first thing I thought of when I saw the pic, and that was before I read the blurb that when with it.

So what's next, a few piercings?

Mr Goodson said...

Rick, No piercings. People with metal stuff angling out of their eyebrows, lips are very difficult to talk to. I want to go get iodine or something.