Monday, January 16, 2006

Let's Try Another

Hello to MJM, Scotty Buncake, Krayonzilla, and Podboy. I don't think we have met. I am a video games artist and comic book collector.

MJM, I have heard your name mentioned often. I'm a children's book collector. I have many works by the likes of Michael Hague, Leo and Dianne Dillon, Anthony Browne, Roy Gerard, P.J. Lynch and many others. I went to both your web sites. You do beautiful work.

Ellis, good to hear from you. How have you been? I love your web site too.


MJM said...

Hey, Tom! Nice to meet you, love your paper-bag drawing!

I was a PC game artist too for a bit, at SSI and then did a little freelance for EQ1. (Thank you Rick, for getting me hooked on online games where I still spend wayyyyy to much time procrastinating when I have looming deadlines.)

I play EQ2 a LOT.

Mr Goodson said...

Hey Tom Moon! How's it going. You're like me, leaving random posts around as you learn. You can
Delete them but then you delete all the comments with it. Jeff has already deleted his cool PDF article in BRICK journal. I'm sold on this Blog idea. It makes you want to do art to share it.

Tom Moon said...

Yes. This is the first time I've done this blogging thing. Perhaps someone could instruct me in blog etiquette. For instance, is the main page reserved for posting pictures and then you are supposed to go the the offshoot "comments" section to continue the conversation? I tried to look at how large people's jpg's were before posting mine. Regarding graphics files; is there an upper limit as to how much you should post?

It's going well Ellis. I'm still rasslin'. After, what, 7 years or so I will be testing for my blue belt with Roy next month. I've never really wanted to, but studio peer pressure has grown too great so I'm giving in.

rickart said...

Howdy Tom! Glad to see you here! You're the first new memeber of TAG in about 10 years! Excellent drawings, too!

Yes, the comments area are meant to carry on a discussion about the original post. I don't know anything about the upper limits of size, but I'm going to keep my drawing posts down to a minimum.

Tom Moon said...

Who is Dave DeCoteau? Did he pose for TAG? Or was he a member?

Mr Goodson said...

Hey Tom,

Congrats on a blue belt test. I'm sure you tap blue belts pretty often and that's the real test after all. I'm watching MMA on spike tv right now.
Dave is the most beloved of all TAG members. He was a comic book store manager, very knowledgeable of comics and artists. His doppleganger namesake is a low budget filmmaker that did cheap slasher horror films. The photo is probably a still from one of his flicks.
I've got another Blog. I'll share the address with a regular post. That one I'll overcrowd with my art. I'm digging this Blog stuff.