Tuesday, January 24, 2006

My Tuesday Scribble

My little scribble!

BTW great drawing Tom!


Tom Moon said...

Thanks! I recognize this little guy from your Robotop!a page. I'm really enjoying following yours and Rick's 2x8's. I love the Uniplug drawing.

Rick, I agree that your Dr.Oculus really has acquired a freshness of spontaneity from your being forced to do them so quickly. It's really coming along nicely.

rickart said...

Tanks! I think the hardest part is to keep entertainment value on each "page". Animators talk about this sort of thing... having something entertaining in every portion of a scene... and of course the classic approach to comics is to have a introduction, deveopment and climax on each page.

Skribbl said...

Thanks Tom. Yes it is the kid from my strip. Don't know if I followed the design. The Uniplug guy is from a few years ago. Old!