Thursday, January 19, 2006

Disney to buy Pixar?

Hey, I heard on the radio this morning that Disney is looking to buy Pixar. I'm having trouble seeing the good in this... anyone else out there know anything about it?


Mr Goodson said...

That was in a company addressed email today. Since we do PIXAR IP games it was very interesting. It didn't start much of a thread. Todays big thread was on rascism in WOW. Something about Chinese Gold sellers being targeted with slurs. Or something. I think it would be a horrid idea for PIXAR to end up a Disney property. Steve Jobs becomes one of Disney's biggest shareholders at that point. Does that mean he becomes the next Eisner? I imagine the deal would state that Pixar had some sort of autonomy. So, what would an insider trader do? Sell or buy pixar stock?

Skribbl said...

There was a similar e-mail floating around work today too. I think that the deal will go through. Jobs will be on the board. Don't know if he will take any position at the Mouse House. I wouldn't. He's got a pretty sweet deal going right now. I read somewhere that Disney stock actually dropped when Wall Street heard about the possible rumor. I know nothing about stock so don't ask me.

Tom Moon said...

I haven't heard too much about it except for rumors. It all depends on the details of the deal. I would guess that the guys at Pixar are too smart to close a deal without very favorable terms: a huge amount of cash up front, creative independence, a greater slice of the pie. It's probably stuff they have wanted all along but now they have the leverage to get it. I think there's a great deal of possible good that could come out of this: Disney's deep pockets combined with Pixar's creativity. I don't view the Pixar group as wanting to just cash in for a huge amount of dough, then let the company go to pot and turn out schlock from then on.