Monday, January 16, 2006

My other BLOG

I'm going to try and load this Blog up with a lot of art, mainly digital painting. It needs editing because I was dabbling and communicating with my Mom about how easy Blogging was while it was giving me headaches.

Yesterday I started using my new MiniMac as the way I get online. No more virus worries. YEAH!
....except I can't make a web address a link the way i could with my PC. I right click and get the option to make a link, I publish it, and it's not a link. Oh well. you'll have to cut and paste.


Skribbl said...

Hey Ellis,

I'll make you an admin on this site so you can add links to the side, or figure out how to use html and make links in your posts. Okie dokie??

Mr Goodson said...

Jeff, right, I forgot I could take it into html. That'll be fine. This is cool. Glad you started the ball.

Tom Moon said...

Beautiful drawings Ellis. I also enjoyed reading a little about your parents. Tell your mother that I liked her blonde joke, but I didn't get the Tommy Vanover story.

Mr Goodson said...

My Mom is famous in Gravelly Arkansas. She started writing that little article full of local notices a couple of years ago and now she gets fan response all over the little county. I'll tell her her fame has spread to the big city