Thursday, January 12, 2006

OK, Thanks Jeff. I get it now

I was trying to get pictures into my post by clicking on the "BlogIt" button at the top of the page. Jeff directed me to sign in on the home page of Blogspot, navigate to "new post" for TAG's blog and then I can find the buttons I need. I dig it . It's great to see that foto of all of us when some of us were kids. Thanks for posting that.
The above is Sgt Scorpion. Done for some soldier in Iraq who advertised for a cartoonist on AWN.

For anyone interested , I have a HUGE PDF of doodles. 109 pages! It takes about 2 minutes to load with a DSL connection. It is titled IDLE HANDS because it represents all the idling I did in my last job. Every one of those doodles was done during the work day. I think I owe somebody a paycheck or two.

Hey guys. The link above takes you to my current website. I would have been here sooner but Blog is too sophisticated for me to understand.

I want everybody to do this Tuesday sketch deal.


Skribbl said...

Congrats Mr. Goodson! You are now dubbed Bad-Ass-Mo-Fo!! Like the sketch!! Was that for something? Or just for us??

Mr Goodson said...

That was done for some soldier in Iraq that advertised for freebie work on AWN to do a character called Sgt Scorpion. Thanks Je...Skribbl