Monday, October 20, 2014

Color Blind map reader

Going to use a new route to Norman Ok this coming weekend for Oafcon.
Dodge the 35.
It adds 4 miles to the trip but i bet it is equal travel time.

This color map is to demonstrate my color blindness.
I'd think Pauls Valley had people bleeding in the street from gunshot wounds if I didn't have a color picker in preview mode.
It's only logical that it goes green, yellow, orange, red. But that orange and green might as well be the same color to me. In a squinty, sweat beads forming on my brow, bit of concentration, maybe I could tell the difference.
Desaturation= very close in value.
I have less problem reading brick reds.

1 comment:

Davis Chino said...

Sorry I missed this.

This is wild...and amazing to show how it can hinder a person.

As they say, "The first step to fixing a problem is to recognize you have one!" Glad you got a handle on it. (Hilarious bout "the streets are running with blood...")