Monday, October 08, 2007

Surlybird on the move!

After his triumphant stay at the Schultz compound, Surlybird and his best friend in the world meet up with the Rickart family at a Northern California Cartoonist society BBQ in the North Bay area. We had a great visit with our splendid host, Michael Jantze ( ), his lovely wife and kids, and all of his other guests. After that we returned to our more modest dwelling on the peninsula where Surly and Co. spent the night.

Thanks for the visit! It was great fun… lets do it again real soon… perhaps up in Seattle!


Mr Goodson said...

Sounds like good times. Ronnie is a good guy to hang out with.

Surly Bird said...

Thanks again for putting us up, Rick. I had a great time, but it was way too short. I'm back in Seattle and miss my buddies down in California.

rickart said...

Our pleasure! It was a great day and great to see you guys! Let's do it again ASAP!