Sunday, October 14, 2007

GoreHole in Color

Here's my color pass for the cover of Gore Hole. Blogger didn't seem to care for the TIF file, so it's a JPG.
Take it away Ellis!


Mr Goodson said...

Fantastic! OK. All this week I'll be cutting it up for PDF. You guys may want to take a pass at the descriptive text for the tagline of the book between now and it's premiere. This is going to be fun. Spending about 10 bucks and getting all these old sketches in a nicer package than we ever dreamed they be in. And soon as well. My book has supposedly already shipped. Maybe we could do ads. "What kind of man reads GoreHole?"

Surly Bird said...

Sign me up for one. I got an email confirming your book is on the way, too, Ellis.

I spent most of today going through a bunch of old comic strips trying to decide if I thought they were worth the effort to go in a book.

The one thing that struck me was how many things I've started and then just abandoned. Is this a common problem for you guys?

I've kind of wanted to start another book re-launching some old characters I created. Not sure of the format I want to use (comic book, comic strip, etc.) I seem to naturally handle the linear progression of the short format of the comic strip but do like the more vertical panel-to-panel of the comic book. Hmm. I'll have to think this one through some more. Thoughts?

Surly Bird said...

Oh, I meant to say this at the top of that last post: Great job on the colors, Rick! They really leap off the screen (soon to be page)!

Tom Carroll said...

I'd be very happy to write some cool blog and marketing "stuff" to promote Gore Hole ... that's the kind of assignment a demented writer can sink his teeth into!!!