Wednesday, October 10, 2007

IDLE HANDS self (LULU) Published sketchbook now Available

My book of random sketches produced in those not so busy times while hard at work. Now available from the genius company, publisher LULU.

Thanks for all the encouragement echoform.

The next one will be more impressive. More storytelling, better sketches.

Click link to preview the first few pages.

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echoform said...


i'm dying to know how it turned out. :)

mine should be done around the end of this month.

stay tuned.

echoform said...

hey ellis, thanks for the interesting info. createspace is something definiely worth watching out for.

here's the link for the ds stuff:

i hope more people can start painting on the thing so that nintendo can make a real painting app for sale.

Mr Goodson said...

My gratitude. But now I'm saving my money for the 1600 dollars I'll need for my cintiq 12wx. Hopefully by Christmas.

Anonymous said...
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Jefferson Wand said...

Hey Ellis,

I didn't know you had a blog. I'm trying to get hold of you. My contact info for you must be old.


Mr Goodson said...

Jeff Wand. I've been thinking of getting in touch with you.

I'll go to your web page or something and drop you a line