Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Color This Rick

Rick. Do this in photoshop with a color overlay. Then Publish the color overlay seperate on the Blog and I'll take it, make it 300 dpi (since it's just a color overlay , you can blog it at a low dpi ) place it over the high rez tif and that will be the cover. Also post on the Blog the flat jpeg version with the line work to show everybody a preview.

We have 58! of these JAMS! so that's a good head start on the book. To fill it out to 100, I'll cull a ton of our TAG Bllog posts and add those as content.

It'll be dandy.


rickart said...

Excellent! You got yourself a deal! I may not get to it this weekend... I'm working late tonight and the next couple of days are busy at home.

This is going to be really cool!

rickart said...

Wow... I just looked at that drawing again... just get a load of the Mullets!