Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Got my other Blog to see something Really Cool

Found an old comic book that as I say has haunted me for years.
The title is a link to the entry

The phone number on the doodle put me in touch with Steve LeClare of Comics Ink that put all the puzzle pieces together

go here to see the entire comic...I hope I don't win the Ebay auction now.

Hip Hip Hooray for Scott Shaw. A guy that I bet could answer your question Tom

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Tom Moon said...

What a great comic! Stanley was a great comics writer. I loved, and still love, Little Lulu!

And what a great feeling it is to track down a memory like that, isn't it? There's a comic story panel that haunts me like that too. It's of a giant space dragon tearing up the Earth with its claws. That was the splash page, and that's all I remember about it. I read it when I was 5? 6? Too young to actually "read" the story I think. But I remember that image. It was probably like a "Mystery in Space" comic or "Tales of the Unexpected" or one of those type comics. Ring any bells for anyone else?