Saturday, October 20, 2007

Gore Hole, Now Available

Click the Title to take you to the preview / order page.

70 pages. Almost no text. The photos on back just have dates. You can read what little descriptive text there is in the DESCRIPTION. I thought the text here in the last page, shown in this post, would be enough. Now someone has to do a Gore Hole post to the Blog that describes TAG and gives copius details about the group.

I've already ordered two. Unlike my book, it has no profit. So it's 5 bucks and change. But they get you on shipping.

Check it out. It will be 6 by 9. I liked the format so much when I saw mine I felt it would be perfect for sharpening up our little Jams.


I thought I'd add, the above is not the back cover. It's the last page. The back cover has the picture from '91 of all of us at the Con. Then the picture across the street from the Con in 2006. Then the pictuure at Tom Moon's spaghetti dinner in 2007


weezie said...

I just ordered my copy as well as Idle Hands! I've been thinking of putting together a design book, so I'm super curious about seeing some Lulu examples.

Mr Goodson said...

Weezner! Thanks man. I think you'll be impressed. For no money you can be offering nice quality books to the world. There is a lot of stuff to explore yet. Like offerings to the marketplace instead of just LuLu. Dok could weigh in here and talk about how his LuLu book got to Bud Plant. I'd buy a game design book by Weezner. Let me know if you have any questions like how to make a PDF or anything like that.

PS. When you get to the page you'll probably notice the book says, BY Ellis Goodson. I tried to edit that and make it BY TAG but it doesn't have that line as editable. So sorry about the vainglorious look of that credit.

rickart said...

I have to say that the ratty old Elvis drawing by Ron is one of my all-time favs from the TAG jams. It makes me really happy to see if immortalized like this.

My copy has been ordered as well... I should be getting my copy of Idle Hands any day now.

I'm going to be doing an Artist in Residence for the Schultz Museum early next year... perhaps I should collect a bunch of drawings and put them in a Lulu book for that!

Mr Goodson said...

For Weezner, Rick and all other future "Print On Demand" creators. I typed in some sort of search criteria with lulu equals amazon or something like this and found this very interesting write up.

Basically saying the deep pockets of Amazon will probably be putting an end to LuLu sometime in the future. Sounds like something a creator can look forward to by reason of an easier way to promote and market and make money. But it seems like the little creative people get it in the neck on this. Time to lawyer up.

weezie said...

I got my Lulu order today and they are both very fun books and well put together! I love all the Ron stuff in the Gore Hole!