Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Sweet Lad of Liberty, Issue No. 1, Page One

Just for fun.

It's a bad page for a variety of reasons, like the confusion of the panels, the way everything's too crowded, and the color. I was experimenting with color. I started with felt-tip markers, but the last panel was done on computer.

I think I have a lot to learn. Please help!

(This was drawn on big 18X24 paper--that let's me use my whole arm.)


Mr Goodson said...

You can call it a bad page, and it could be better with planning and editing, but it has a ton of appeal the way it is. And what really shines through is your love of expressive figure creation. You really ought to put a book out where you don't sweat what it lacks and let the public decide if they want it. You'll be one of these artists that curses himself with artwork you eventually don't like and the fans want you to go back and do more like that period.

TopCat said...

I absolutely love the swastika pose ... never in a million years would I conceive of it, and it would take me another to render it half as well. I agree with Ellis ... damn the torpedoes and full speed ahead on a six page mini-comic!!!

Mr Goodson said...

Marty, I think you've got the beginnings of something cool. Say you do analog color for the biggest most compelling part of the page each time. Then do inking and digital color for tertiary storytelling art. That might be a very pleasing and consistent look. It might also be a motivator for propelling you through a project. Always having a central splash that encourages you to finish that page.

Tom Moon said...

It reads beautifully. The painted cartoon style reminds me of the Harvey Kurtzman/Bill Elder strip "Little Annie Fannie". Honestly Marty, you have a rare talent for combining sophisticated, intelligent humor and superb draughtsmanship.

I'm taking some credit for planting the bug in your ear about doing comic books. I must bask in your reflected glory in any way possible.

I also officially predict your imminent meteoric rise to fame in the field. As George McFly would have said, "It is your DENSITY!"

"Bad page"... BAH!

weezie said...

I also dig it! It reminds me a lot of what Rick Veitch did with Alan Moore's Supreme and Greyshirt. The salute pose has had me giggling all day today. More please!