Sunday, July 02, 2006

Game Artist Pic

Okay, so a couple of folks asked me to post this here, so here it is... a Game Artist in his Natural Habitat... along with the goofy copy that it goes with:

1. They typically mark their territory with small fetishes of their favorite pop culture icons.
2. Streamlined forehead, a sign of advanced maturity. Senility is not uncommon.
3. They often have failing eyesight from staring into computer monitors for too long.
4. Caffeinated beverage... it is said they can survive for weeks on just this and pizza.
5. Normally in this spot you would find a t-shirt from the last game the dev worked on, but here the artist decided to plug his alma mater instead.
6. Reference materials to remind the artist what various real world items look like.
7. Pictures of the artist's family to remind the artist of what they look like... very helpful for their periodic reunions.
8. Bagel day bagel. Game Artists believe that free food is the best tasting. They can often be found lurking outside noontime meetings in the hopes of scoring leftovers.
9. A donut container carcass. This is the typical location of such an artifact... it is very rare to find them occupied as they are emptied almost immediately upon sighting.


Mr Goodson said...

That would make a nice spot illo for Game Developer. Nice gags throughout. Candle at both ends, midnight oil. I like the great color scheme as well.

rickart said...

Thanks Ellis! GD mag, eh? That's not a half bad idea... I think I'll pitch it to them!

I believe an old friend of ours who goes by the name "Weezie" has written an article for GD... I asume its a post mortem of the new Tomb Raider game.

Thanks for the idea.

TopCat said...

I love this piece. It does speak very well to to GD's target audience! Maybe there's an article in there, too... can we pitch together?

rickart said...

Sure thing! Any time! I did do this for the LOTRO site, so I may have some permission issues to get through.

Davis Chino said...


Rick, I love this piece. You know this.

We must get in touch with Weezie and Ron Thompson. We must. Let me know any developments.

What is "Game Developer?"

rickart said...

GD is an industry magazine for, yup, game developers.

rickart said...

Oh, and you can find Weezie here:

Skribbl said...

Hey maybe we should all do one of ourselves! That would be fun to see! I guess I have to do one first to prove that it could be done!. Thanks for posting this!!