Sunday, July 23, 2006

Keep Things Confined


"Untranslatable. Here are fragments..."
1.Mignola _ _in claustrophic to heighten the tension of our stories
_ _ _ _ narrow _ _ through _ are not _ more than
_ _ _ _ crowded_ _ _ _

"The one I can't translate is found at the bottom in original form. Try your digital wizard skills on it. Here is the rest of the captions that I can make out for these illos..."

2.We will not use the same techniques of using pattern to change the shape of the screen but instead use scenic elements to suggest a different frame shape.

3. Here the corner of the hall pushes the characters to the right, packing them into a smaller space

4.Scenes of tight locations or crowded spaces also give our explosive scenes more impact

5.The narrow hallway can show only asHellboy enters the narrow access having conditioned the audience with a series of confined areas. The reveal of the major area is stronger to the contrast.

"The last sentence is also largely guesswork. Take a stab at it yourself"

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Rickart said...

Hey there! This is great stuff! I love this info and this peak into the stroytelling methods of one of my favorite artists!

Thanks for sharing!