Friday, July 28, 2006

Pickard, Chunk and Frankenstein

Making up for no Tuesday sketch


Skribbl said...

That Piccard clip is killing me!!! Ha ha ha!

Tom Moon said...

Ellis! You wacky guy. What is that clip about? Who is that kid? Is that "Chunk"? What's it from?

Mr Goodson said...

Tom, It's from the Goonies. That's Chunk doing some sort of signature move. I assume the Pickard part is holodeck stuff. Someone posted it at work in our Humor email.

If you go in to edit the post tou can see the web address.

The first time I've linked to something with a regular web address.

TopCat said...

What the bloody hell?? I couldn't help but post from Edinburgh ... heh heh ... looks like you all had fun at the Con. I'll see yaz next year or sometime inbetween!!