Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Friday Lunch Details

So here is what I know so far:

Friday Lunch

time: 1:00pm-?

place: The park behind the convention center (Ellis could you please edit this to the proper park and add a link to a Google map?)

FROM ELLIS See that park on the map . Meet there at 1pm. We'll sort it out. MARINA PARK not Petco park, whatever that is. That's the Ballpark isn't it? Marina Park, by the Charthouse Steakhouse.

Who and food order:

davischino: Pepperoni Pizza
Book Artists:
skribbl:Pizza-pepperoni buffalo wings or whatever
scottybuncake: sausage or pepperoni/Ellis' head on a platter of some sort.
rickart: Brown Bag
mrgoodson: Half Veggy, half Hawaiian
tom_moon: Brown Bag
TopCat: Haggis- on vacation (have fun Tom!)

Did I miss anybody?

We will mob Scott's table in artist alley (EE-04) around 12:45 leaving at 1:00 and walking down to the park

Krayonzilla will order the pizza's/drinks using his wonderfully donated coupons after we get all of the information. I was thinking Ellis would handle the money but after some thought I will pick up the tab. Okay?

Please edit this and add the proper information. Cool.

PS Rickart, MrGoodson, Scottybuncake, Podboy and Krayonzilla have my cell number. If you other guys want to contact me (thraxisjr@aol.com), e-mail your number and I wll call you back or get it from the other guys.


rickart said...

Love the photo! Sounds like a deal, and Buncake can't ditch us if we meet at his stall! Ha!

Davis Chino said...

I am taking as gospel the directive to meet at Scott Benefield's artist booth at 12:45. There are three possible "parks" that I can think of surrounding the Con Center, so I want to stay with the group and get to the right one.

Scott, it'll be a pleasure to meet you.

rickart said...

You say that now...

Skribbl said...

I talked to Jim and we will be ordering Friday morning. Word!